Our story

Coming from the consumption packaging field, with years of experience and great technical knowledge of industrial processes, Incopack starts in 1996 to implement itself in the POS market.

We had a notorious market entry with an unerring formula: industrial experience, lots of hope and an obsession for improvement and innovation at each step, from creativity  to industrial and logistics optimization.

Nowadays, worldwide leading brands from different consumption and promotional areas entrust their most important campaigns to position them at the sales point.

From the first day to now, the base formula has always been the same.The evolution, though, is constant: always with anticipation in mind and to be the firsts to offer solutions for a maximum rentability in each investment on the sales point.

With 20 years of experience, a consolidated present and more illusion than at our first day, we face the future, gratefuls for the trust our customers put into us and with the objective to keep on growing and evolving together.